Collective Agreement

TUFA Collective Agreement (2019-22)

Adjustments to the 2019-2022 Collective Agreement


Changes to the salary scale are determined according to an annual parity calculation and are set one minute before midnight on June 30th.

Current Salary Scale effective 1 July 2021

Covid-19 Adjustments

COVID 19 adjustments 2021-22 extensions

Expansion of Merit Pool for 2021 competition

MOA Online vs Remote Delivery
MOA Sharing and Dissemination Policy
TUFA Course evaluations during COVID-19 – Extension
MoA re COVID and peer-review related issues
MOA on Student Experience of Teaching Surveys
MoA Summer SETS extension
MOU on Deadline Extensions
MOA on the roll over of PEF and Flex Benefit accounts
MOA on Allocation and Appeal of Teaching Duties
TUFA Administrative Deadlines and Requirements

Other Agreements

TUFA and the University’s Administration have agreed to other Letters (LoU), Memoranda (MoA, MoU), or Minutes of Settlement (MoS) that provide shared interpretations of specific sections of the Collective Agreement, or reflect agreement on related issues not specifically contemplated by the parties in bargaining. Such documents constitute our overarching agreement with the employer. Settlement agreements specific to individuals are not posted to the website.

Transgender Fund

MOA Transgender Fund

Transgender Fund Appendix

Pension Agreements

Previous Collective Agreements

Historic Documents