Executive Committee


      • Dirk Wallschlaeger, President, (Environment/Chemistry), CSB F114, ext 7378
      • Fergal O’Hagan, Vice President,  (Psychology) DNA C134 ext 7086
      • Jaime Morales, Treasurer, (Business Administration), GCS 360, ext 7933
      • Dwayne Collins, Secretary, (Library), Bata, ext 7495
      • Michele J. McIntosh, Member at Large, (Nursing) LHS C161, ext 7507
      • Leslie Kerr, Member at Large, (Biology), DNA D242, ext 7435
      • Byron Stoyles, Member-at-Large, (Philosophy), EC N118.4 ext 7096


      • David Newhouse, Grievance Officer, (Indigenous Studies/Business Admin), GCS 301, ext 7497
      • Susan Wurtele, Chief Negotiator, (Environment/Geography), ES B306, ext 7454
      • Susan Hillock, Member-at-Large Equity, (Social Work), LEC S115 ext 7741
      • Brenda Smith-Chant, Member-at-Large Durham, (Psychology), OSH 153 ext 5069,
      • Baris Karaagac, Member-at-Large LTA, (International Development), CC H15

Ex Officio

      • Jocelyn Williams, Past-President, (Anthropology), DNA C222,  ext 7441

        Any correspondence to Executive Committee members may be sent to   tufa@trentu.ca

        Faculty Association Staff

        Fax: (705) 748-1651

        Awards Committee

                            • Fergal O’Hagan, (Psychology)
                            • Janice Millard, (retired)(Library)

        Community and Social Justice Contributions Committee

                            • Jaime Morales, Chair (Business Administration)
                            • Ray Dart, (Business Administration)
                            • May Chazan (Gender & Women’s Studies)

        Grievance Committee

                            • David Newhouse, Chair, (Indigenous Studies/Business Administration)
                            • Geoff Navara, (Psychology)
                            • Susan Wurtele, (Environment/Geography)
                            • Jocelyn Williams, (Anthropology)
                            • James Watson, (Library)
                            • Dirk Wallschlaeger, (TSOE-Environment/Chemistry)
                            • Michele McIntosh, (Nursing)

        Nomination and Election Committee

                            • Jocelyn Williams, Chair, (Anthropology)
                            • Michele J. McIntosh, (Nursing)
                            • Brenda Smith-Chant, (Psychology)
                            • Tom Whillans, (Environment)

        Representative to Faculty Board

                            • Fergal O’Hagan (Psychology)

        Visitor to Senate

                            • Dirk Wallschlaeger (Environment/Chemistry)

        Joint Committee on the Administration of the Agreement

                              • Dirk Wallschlaeger, Chair, (Environment/Chemistry)
                              • David Newhouse, (Indigenous Studies/Business Administration)
                              • Susan Wurtele, (Environment/Geography)

        Multi-Workplace Joint Heath and Safety Committee

                            • Julian Aherne, (Environment)
                            • Ingrid Brenner, (Nursing)

        Intellectual Property and Copyright Committee

                              • Dwayne Collins, (Library)
                              • Marco Pollanen, (Economics)

              Joint Committee on Parity

                              • Dirk Wallschlaeger, (Environment/Chemistry)
                              • Susan Wurtele, (Environment/Geography)

              Pension Sub-Committee

                              • Byron Lew, (Economics)
                              • Jaime Morales, (Business Administration)
                              • Susan Wurtele, (Environment/Geography)