ATS and TUFA Presidents

Organizing Committee

  • 1964-66: RL Edwards


  • 1966-68: MJ Boote
  • 1968-69: Hodgins
  • 1969-70: C. Carter
  • 1970-72: SF Gallagher
  • 1972-74: RD Chambers
  • 1974-76: K Rautenkranz
  • 1976-78: Cyril Carter
  • 1978-79: John Fekete
  • 1979-80: David Kettler


    • 1980-82: David Morrison
    • 1982-84: Noel Murphy
    • 1984-84: Bernie Hodgson
    • 1985-86: George Nader
    • 1987-88: Jim Struthers
    • 1988-89: Christl Verduyn
    • 1989-90: Keith Walden
    • 1990-92: John Gilchrist
    • 1992-93: Doug Curtis
    • 1993-95: Ken Field
    • 1995-98: John Fekete
    • 1998-2000: EA Skip Maxwell
    • 2000-04: Peter Dawson
    • 2004-05: Stefan Bilaniuk
    • 2005-07: Ken Field
    • 2007-10: Susan Wurtele
    • 2010-14: David Newhouse
    • 2014-15: Jocelyn Williams
    • 2015-16: Geoffrey Navara
    • 2016-18: Jocelyn Williams
    • 2018-19: Dirk Wallschlaeger


Year Executive Committee Members
2018-19 Dirk Wallschlaeger (President), Fergal O’Hagan (Vice-President), Ray Dart (Secretary), Jaime Morales (Treasurer), David Newhouse (Grievance), Susan Wurtele (Chief Negotiator), Jocelyn Williams (Past President), Byron Stoyles, Ingrid Brenner, Michele McIntosh, Rita Bode, Member-At-Large (Durham), Susan Hillock, Member-at-Large (Equity), Dwayne Collins, Member-At-Large (LTA)
2017-18 Jocelyn Williams (President), Dirk Wallschlaeger (Vice-President), Ray Dart (Secretary), Jaime Morales (Treasurer), David Newhouse (Grievance), Susan Wurtele (Chief Negotiator), Geoffrey Navara (Past President), Byron Stoyles, Ingrid Brenner, Paul Elliott, Fergal O’Hagan, Member-At-Large (Durham), Susan Hillock, Member-at-Large (Equity), Dwayne Collins, Member-At-Large (LTA)
2016-17 Jocelyn Williams (President), Dirk Wallschlaeger (Vice-President), Susan Wurtele (Chief Negotiator), James Watson (Secretary), Ray Dart (Treasurer), David Newhouse (Grievance), Joanna Freeland, Member-at-Large (Equity), Byron Stoyles, Ingrid Brenner, Helen Haines (Durham), Paul Elliott, Geoffrey Navara (Past President), Fergal O’Hagan, Member-At-Large (LTA)
2015-16 Geoffrey Navara (President), Dirk Wallschlaeger (Vice-President), Susan Wurtele (Chief Negotiator), James Watson (Secretary), Marco Pollanen (Treasurer), David Newhouse (Grievance),Jocelyn Williams (Past President), Momin Rahman Member-at-Large (Equity), Byron Stoyles, Ingrid Brenner, Helen Haines, R James Cook
2014-15 Jocelyn Williams (President) Geoffrey Navara (Vice-President), Susan Wurtele (Grievance) James Watson (Secretary), Ray Dart (Treasurer) Dirk Wallschlaeger (Salaries & Benefits) David Newhouse (Past President), Brenda Smith-Chant, Kathryn Norlock
2013-14 David Newhouse (President) Jocelyn Williams (Vice President), Ray Dart (Treasurer), James Watson (Grievance), Geoff Navara (Secretary), Brenda Smith Chant, Dirk Wallschlaeger, Susan Wurtele
2012-13 David Newhouse (President) Ray Dart (Secretary-Treasurer) Bruce Cater (Salaries & Benefits) James Watson (Grievance) Brenda Smith Chant
2011-12 David Newhouse (President), Sara Humphreys, Bruce Cater, Ray Dart, Brenda Smith-Chant, Susan Wurtele
2010-11 David Newhouse (President), Sara Humphreys, Bruce Cater, Brenda Smith-Chant, Paul Elliott, Susan Wurtele, Momin Rahman (resigned), Ray Dart
2009-10 Susan Wurtele (President), David Newhouse, Bruce Cater, Richard Hurley , Stephan Bilaniuk, Rory Coughlan
2008-09 Susan Wurtele (President), Charmaine Eddy, Sean Kane (resigned Oct 27/08) Rory Coughlan, Richard Hurley, Stephan Bilaniuk (co-opted in June), Bruce Cater (acclaimed Nov 25/08), David Newhouse (acclaimed Nov 25/08)
2007-08 Susan Wurtele (President), Rory Coughlan, Marco Pollanen, Sean Kane, Charmaine Eddy (co-opted in June), Mary-Jo Nadeau (resigned), Gillian Balfour (resigned), P. Dawson (co-opted in September, resigned)
2006-07 Ken Field (President), Richard Hurley, Mary-Jo Nadeau, Sean Kane, Rory Coughlan (resigned), Carolyn Kay (resigned), Stefan Bilaniuk (resigned in Feb), Marco Pollanen (resigned), Moira Howes (resigned)
2005-06 Ken Field (President), Rory Coughlan, Peter Dawson, Richard Hurley, Marco Pollanen, Joan Sangster, Stephen Regoczei
2004-05 Stefan Bilaniuk (President), Ken Field, Richard Hurley, Marco Pollanen, Stephen Regoczei, Peter Dawson, Konrad Kinzl
2003-04 Peter Dawson (President), Ken Field, Magda Havas, Sean Kane, David Newhouse, Morgan Tamplin, John Topic, Richard Hurley
2002-03 Peter Dawson (President), Stefan Bilaniuk, Ken Field, Richard Hurley, David Newhouse, Morgan Tamplin, Magda Havas
2001-02 Peter Dawson (President), Stefan Bilaniuk, Richard Hurley, John Topic, Morgan Tamplin
2000-01 Peter Dawson (President), Stefan Bilaniuk, Jim Driscoll, Morgan Tamplin, John Topic, Susan Jamieson, Richard Hurley (co-opted in Jan)
1999-2000 E.A. Skip Maxwell (President), Stefan Bilaniuk, Peter Dawson, Susan Jamieson, Doug Lowe,, Janice Millard, Yves Thomas, John Topic
1998-99 E. A. Skip Maxwell (President), Stefan Bilaniuk, Doug Lowe, Janice Millard, Yves Thomas
1997-98 John Fekete (President), Graham Cogley, John Hillman, Deborah Kennett, Janice Millard, John Topic, B. Leith (co-opted in May, then resigned in Sept), Yves Thomas (co-opted in May), E. A. Skip Maxwell (co-opted in Sept)
1996-97 John Fekete (President), Graham Cogley, Peter Dawson, John Hillman, Bernie Hodgson, Deborah Kennett, Janice Millard, George Nader, Stephen Regoczei
1995-96 John Fekete (President), Peter Dawson, Lorrie Clark, John Hillman, Bernie Hodgson, Stephen Regoczei, Deborah Kennett, Janice Millard, Noel Murphy (co-opted in Nov), George Nader (co-opted in Jan)
1994-95 Ken Field (President), Stefan Bilaniuk, Lorrie Clarke, Graham Cogley, Sean Kane, Konrad Kinzl, David Sheinin, John Fekete, John Hillman (co-opted in June)
1993-94 Ken Field (President), Doug Curtis, Kathryn Campbell, Konrad Kinzl, Doug Lowe, John Syrett, Yves Thomas, Sean Kane, Jacqueline Muldoon, David Sheinin (co-opted in Jan)
1992-93 Doug Curtis, (President), Ken Field, Michael Berrill, Debra Clarke, Jim Driscoll, Doug Lowe, John Syrett, Gisele Thibault, Yves Thomas
1991-92 John Gilchrist (President), Doug Curtis (Acting President), John Syrett, Ken Field, Doug Lowe, Frank Nutch, Yves Thomas, Jacqueline Muldoon, Gisele Thibault
1990-91 John Gilchrist (President), Doug Curtis, Jacqueline Muldoon, Frank Nutch, John Syrett, Jonathan Bordo, Jim Buttle, Kathryn Campbell (left in July), Keith Walden, Ken Field (co-opted in Sept)
1989-90 Keith Walden (President), Jonathan Bordo, Kathryn Campbell, Frank Nutch, David Poole, Christl Verduyn, Jim Buttle, Doug Curtis, M. Huberman
1988-89 Christl Verduyn (President), Kathryn Campbell, Konrad Kinzl, David Poole, Marisa Scigliano, Jim Struthers, Keith Walden, Ian Sandeman
1987-88 Jim Struthers (President), C. Carter (sabbatical Jan-Jun ’88), Konrad Kinzl, Marisa Scigliano, Christl Verduyn, Keith Walden, B. Hodgins, George Nader
1986-87 George Nader (President), Kathryn Campbell, Christl Verduyn, Keith Walden, Jim Struthers, Bruce Hodgins, Cyril Carter, Konrad Kinzl (co-opted in Jan)
1985-86 George Nader (Chairman), Kathryn Campbell, John Gilchrist, Paul Healy, Jim Struthers, Christl Verduyn, Graham Cogley, R. Page
1984-85 Bernie Hodgson (Chairman), George Nader (Vice Chair), John Gilchrist, Ian Sandeman, Jim Struthers, R. Page, Graham Cogley, Paul Healy, Pat Morton, Christl Verduyn (co-opted in Feb), Kathryn Campbell (co-opted in Feb)
1983-84 Noel Murphy (Chairman), Bernie Hodgson (Vice-Chair) George Nader, Zailig Pollock, Ian Sandeman, Pat Morton, Graham Cogley, R. Carter, R. Page (co-opted in Jan)
1983 ATS Becomes TUFA
1982-83 Noel Murphy (Chairman), Fred Tromly, Pat Morton, Zailig Pollock, John Hillman, Bernie Hodgson, John Syrett, Ian Sandeman
1981-82 David Morrison (Chairman), Elma Healey, John Hillman, Noel Murphy, John Syrett, Fred Tromly, Ron Johnson (co-opted in Apr), Ann Robertson (co-opted in Jan), Graham Cogley (co-opted in Feb)
1980 Certification as a Trade Union
1980-81 David Kettler (ATS Chairman), G. Gogley, M.E. Lake, Denis Smith, S.G.D. Smith, John Syrett, David Morrison
1979-80 David Kettler (ATS Chairman), Graham Cogley, Doug Curtis, D. Kettler, David Morrison, Cyril Carter (co-opted in June), Dawn Smith (co-opted in Aug), Anna McCalla (observer), A. Worthington (resigned), E.A. Skip Maxwell (co-opted in Oct), E. Lake (co-opted in Jan), S. Smith (co-opted in Jan)
1978-79 J. Fekete (ATS Chairman), Chris Huxley, Maurice Boote, R. Dellamora, K. Johnson, A. Wernick, John Gilchrist, Doug Curtis, Anna McCalla, K. Rautenkranz
1977-78 Cyril Carter (ATS Chairman), John Fekete, Richard Dellamora, Magnus Gunther, A. Kruger, D.C.A. Curtis
1976-77 Cyril Carter (ATS Chairman), R.E. March, K Rautenkranz, M. Gunther, D. Curtis, R.A. Lockhart,
1975-76 K. Rautenkranz (ATS Chairman), R.E. March, K.W. Johnson, E. Ornstein, D. Curtis
1974-75 K. Rautenkranz (ATS Chairman), Weismiller, Tracey, E.A. Maxwell
1973-74 R.D. Chambers (ATS Chairman), WA McMullen, C.E.J. Caldicott, Cyril Carter, J.T. Gilchrist, J.A. Wiseman, K. Rautenkranz, E.A. Maxwell, Kenneth Tracey, David Weismiller
1972-73 R.D. Chambers (ATS Chairman), W.A. McMullen, J. Gilchrist, C.E.J. Caldicott, Cyril Carter, J.A. Wiseman, K. Rautenkranz
1971-72 S.F. Gallagher (ATS Chairman), P. Royle, D. Morrison,C. Carter, J.A. Wiseman, R.D.D. Chambers, J. Gilchrist
1970-71 S.F. Gallagher (ATS Chairman), C. Carter (vice-chair) D. Morrison, Morris, Rautenkranz, Sandeman, Max Young
1969-70 Cyril Carter (ATS Chairman), Hodgins, MacAdam, Morris, Rautenkrantz, Sandeman, Max Young, Chambers
1968-69 Hodgins (ATS Chairman), J.I. MacAdam, Miss J.P. Bews, Morris, I.M. Sandeman, Nighswander, Rautenkranz
1967-68 M.J. Boote (ATS Chairman), B.W. Hodgins, Kay, J.E Nighswander, I.M. Sandeman, A. Wilson, Mrs. Lawrence
1966-67 M.J. Boote (Chair), I.M. Sandeman, Kay, Alan Wilson
1966 The Association of the Teaching Staff was created in 1966 to promote scholarship, the welfare of the University and of its academic staff, and in affiliation with the Canadian Association of University Teachers and with the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations, to contribute to the advancement of the standards of the Canadian University community. (Constitution, RG 15 Box 1 Folder 1).
In 1980, certification was granted, and in 1983 the ATS became the Trent University Faculty Association (TUFA).
1966-67 M.J. Boote (Chair), I.M. Sandeman, Kay, Alan Wilson
ATS Consideration Committee
1965-66 R.L. Edwards (Chair of the Committee)
1964-65 R.L. Edwards (Chair of the Committee), Boote, Miss M.G. Fry, Smith