Solidarity with Waterloo


Canada’s academic community was horrified by the violent attack in a philosophy classroom at the University of Waterloo last Wednesday.  We echo the sentiments of our provincial and national affiliates in condemning this outrage, and we affirm our solidarity with comrades whose work, and very identity, make them targets for such extremist acts. We wish a full physical recovery to Professor Katy Fulfer and the two students injured with her, and a full emotional recovery for everyone traumatized by this hateful act.  At a meeting with TCSA student president, Aimee Anctil, yesterday, we stressed our commitment to the safety and well-being of students, particularly those for whom the University provides space simply to be themselves and to pursue their inquiries undiminished by fear.

In the meantime, we are reminded that there is no meantime. On Sunday, June 4th, in support of an emergency anti-hate motion passed at the Canadian Labour Congress’ 30th Constitutional Convention, OCUFA’s Board of Directors unanimously carried the following Motion:

THAT OCUFA support the Canadian Labour Congress emergency anti-hate resolution and join the chorus of unions condemning attacks against workers, families and communities that support and defend trans, drag and 2SLGBTQI+ events; and OCUFA call upon its member organizations to join local labour council flying squads, where they exist, to provide meaningful support to workers, organizations and communities facing attacks.

TUFA is a member of OCUFA and of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), and this is a call to establish a TUFA flying squad. Members prepared to join events refuting hate, to stand with 2SLGBTQI+ people, and to make tangible our commitment to friends and colleagues working in these areas, can sign-up for the squad by reply to this message (please also indicate your geographic availability: Peterborough, Durham, or Either).

Finally, please note that the Women’s and Gender Studies et Recherches Féministes Association (WGSRF) has called for signatures on an open letter denouncing the June 28th attack. We encourage members to read this letter before the list of signatories is finalized on July 7th

In Solidarity,

Geoff and Marcus

Geoff Navara,


Marcus Harvey,

Executive Director