Policy on Support for Members Attending Affiliate Conferences

Authority: Executive Committee
Approved: September 9th, 2011

Policy Statement:

The Association’s primary affiliates (CAUT and OCUFA) typically host one or more conferences each year. TUFA members participating in such conferences have typically reported on those conferences for the general benefit of the Association and all its members. While it is recognized that TUFA attendance at these conferences is desirable the rising costs of registration and travel make it desirable to set a policy that will more clearly establish what support members can expect when they participate in such events on the part of the Association.


1) The Association shall set aside, at least, $7,500 for the purposes of supporting TUFA members attending CAUT, OCUFA, or Harry Crowe Foundation conferences.

2) Assistance to members shall generally be capped at $1,500 per individual.

 i) The Association’s Treasurer may authorize up to an additional $750/member for conferences that entail particularly high travel or registration costs, or to augment funding for a member who requires additional assistance to cover care-giving arrangements made for one or more dependents.

 ii) Members who receive assistance to attend a conference shall not generally be eligible to receive support funding under this policy for a period of three years, unless the TUFA Executive Committee invites the member to attend a subsequent conference on behalf of the Association, or in cases where no other TUFA member is willing or able to attend a conference for which support funding would otherwise be available.

3) Cumulative individual assistance shall generally be capped at $3,000 per conference.

 i) if more than two members express a desire to attend the same conference, the Association shall encourage whatever savings may be realized by car pooling, sharing accommodations, or other such measures.

 ii) Generally, it shall be the practice to reduce the level of offered assistance for everyone rather than to reject individual applications for assistance. The preference for cooperative arrangements notwithstanding, the Association reserves the right to deny assistance for any reason, to establish cutoff dates to apply for funding, to apply specific criteria for the receipt of funding, and/or to take any other steps it deems appropriate to determine and apportion the support it provides to individual members.

4) Members receiving TUFA assistance to attend conferences are expected to prepare a report on the conference for presentation to the membership.