Policy on Reimbursement

Authority: Executive Committee
Approved: 9 November 2015
To be reviewed: Fall 2018

Policy Statement:

TUFA officers, volunteers, and staff should be reimbursed for costs incurred on behalf of the Association. The underlying principle of this policy is that individuals should not be out-of-pocket for necessary expenses relating to TUFA business.



Reimbursement requires the approval of the Treasurer or designate. In cases where the Treasurer would be the recipient of a reimbursement approval of the President or designate is required. In all cases, approval may be given on a full-cost, partial cost, or capped basis.

Travel on Association Business

1) TUFA shall reimburse officers, volunteers, and employees (hereafter “travelers”), for the cost of travel away from the place where the traveler ordinarily works (on regular work days) or from the place where the traveler ordinarily resides (on non-work days).

2) Travelers should make their own travel arrangements unless otherwise directed and TUFA will reimburse acceptable costs, as detailed below, following the submission of an itemized list of expenses that is accompanied by all relevant receipts.

3) TUFA gives preference to unionized airlines and hotel and will reimburse the cost of economy flights and the room rates set for CAUT, OCUFA, or other sponsoring organizations’ events. The traveler will be responsible for any additional costs resulting from room upgrades, stays at more expensive hotels, and any premiums attached to upgrading from Economy fares, unless such additional charges are waived by the Treasurer or designate.

4) In the event that a traveler incurs costs for changing or cancelling a travel itinerary, those additional costs may be reimbursed partially or in full at the discretion of the Treasurer, provided that the traveler has made reasonable efforts to avoid or minimize such costs.

5) Automobile travel: TUFA will reimburse travelers for the use of personal automobiles based on the current OCUFA mileage rates. Mileage shall not be paid for travel using rental vehicles, but in such cases the Association shall instead reimburse the actual cost of the rental vehicle and fuel. In either instance, the Association shall reimburse parking and taxi expenses upon the submission of receipts. TUFA will not reimburse for towing or repairs, nor for tickets.

6) Meals: Per diem expenses shall be reimbursed at the current OCUFA rates. Per diem reimbursement shall not be claimed for meals provided to the traveler at no cost (whether by the hotel, airline, event organizers, or from any other source), but the Association shall pay or reimburse reasonable fees for attending event-related meals or other activities. Morning travel from home or evening travel to home does not preclude claiming breakfasts or dinners.

7) Dependant care: TUFA shall generally reimburse travelers for costs associated with providing alternative
care for dependants such expenses should be pre-approved for reimbursement.

8) Other Expenses: TUFA shall generally pay the full registration fee for authorized events attended by the traveler. All other expenses related to travel should be pre-approved for reimbursement. Where such other expenses are reimbursed directly, the incidental component of the per diem shall be reduced correspondingly for any days covered by the additional expense(s).

Other Reimbursements

1) Officers, volunteers, and staff purchasing goods and services for Association business shall be reimbursed with the approval of the Treasurer or designate following the submission of an expense claim and related receipts.

2) Officers, volunteers, and staff whose duties require them to use their personal phones extensively on behalf of the Association may be reimbursed up to $60/eligible month for their personal phone usage with the approval of the Treasurer or designate and upon submission of an expense claim and related invoices or receipts.