GMM follow-up and Executive Director report


Thanks to everyone who was able to attend our Spring General Membership meeting on Tuesday afternoon.  We had particularly robust discussion of both Sustainability and Collegial Governance at Trent and, with time pressing, I suggested circulating the Executive Director’s report along with a summary of actions taken at the GMM to all members as has been done below:

Actions from the GMM

  1. Budget. The membership approved the draft 2023/24 Budget as presented by the Treasurer.
  • CSJC Election. Following a call for members to serve on our Community and Social Justice Contributions Committee, the membership acclaimed Christine Goodwin-De Faria and Else Marie Knudsen to the Committee
  • Sustainability. The membership directed the Executive to strike an ad hoc subcommittee of the Executive to report on the impact (and implications) of the climate emergency on Trent and TUFA.
  • Governance. The membership directed the Executive to strike an ad hoc subcommittee of the Executive to review collegial governance structures at Trent and advise on the establishment of a TUFA Governance (i.e. Faculty Board, Senate, Board of Governors) Caucus by Fall (2023).
  • Members interested in participating on either of these new subcommittees should contact the TUFA office.
  • University Finances. It was agreed that TUFA should organize a special meeting in the Fall to discuss Trent’s finances and TUFA’s bargaining strategy for future negotiations.
  • JH&SC Appointments. The membership appointed Julian Aherne and Jim Cosgrave to serve as TUFA’s 2023/24 Representatives on the Joint Health & Safety Committee with immediate effect.

Executive Director’s Report

  1. Benefits. TUFA successfully pressed the Employer to correct SunLife’s interpretation of the new Major Dental benefit to include crowns and implants. Members whose claims for any such costs (incurred since 1 July 2022) that have been denied should contact Carley Brook in Human Resources for information about resubmitting. The Employer also clarified that the expanded Psychological Care benefit would include Nurse Psychotherapists, but only if they are registered with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.
  • Leadership. The Nominations and Elections Committee is completing its Report for the Executive and, based on responses to its call for Nominations, will be able to fill all the elected positions on the 2023/24 Executive Committee without requiring an election. The new roster of officers will be announced on, or around, April 30th when TUFA’s terms in office expire.
  • Equity Committee. A call went out for members interested in serving on TUFA’s 2023/24 Equity Committee. The Committee’s membership will be finalized in May. Interested members who have not already done so should contact the TUFA office.
  • Durham Social. 2.  Durham members are reminded that we rescheduled our Durham Social to Tuesday April 25th (4:00 pm to 5:30 pm). It will be held in the Atrium of the Trent-Durham campus with catered snacks and a host bar.
  • Labour Solidarity.  The Executive Director completed a term as Acting Chair of the Peterborough & District Labour Council (PDLC) in December, but continues to serve as a member of the PDLC Executive and one of TUFA’s delegates. TUFA is, however, entitled to three delegates and, if any members are interested, it would be terrific to increase our involvement in the Labour community. This Summer, TUFA is co-sponsoring (with the PDLC) a performance of “The Tilco Strike” at the 4th Line Theatre on June 30th. Professor Emerita Joan Sangster will open the evening as part of 4th Line’s Speaker Series. The PDLC is encouraging union members to attend and it should be a blast (at least, if you like Theatre). Friday, April 28 is Labour’s Day of Mourning with a ceremony (10:45 am) at City Hall, 500 George Street North. This will be followed by lunch at the Black Horse Pub, 452 George Street North courtesy of the PDLC. Stay tuned for information about a Peterborough Health Coalition campaign in defence of public healthcare later this Spring.
  • Community Solidarity. The Executive Director is currently Board Chair of the United Way Peterborough & District and wishes to thank members for their extraordinary support of the local campaign.  For several years, Trent has been Peterborough’s largest contributor to the local campaign, in part, because so many TUFA members are already Leadership donors (+$1,200/year). Watch out for announcements about the launch of the 2023/24 campaign this Fall!  Meantime, TUFA is partnering with CUPE 3908 and the University to enter three Trent teams in this year’s Juke Box Mania Event (a fundraiser for the Community Counselling Resource Centre). Does your capacity to recall the names of band and songs amaze your friends? Do they look at you differently because of it? Well, we are not THOSE friends: members with a head for tunes and nothing scheduled for the evening of May 5th are encouraged to volunteer for one of Trent’s teams (and there is a virtual option for those who would prefer to engage remotely).

In Solidarity,


Marcus Harvey,

Executive Director