Executive Committee – Call for Nominations

Dear Members,

The 2022/23 Nominating and Elections Committee is pleased to open nominations for elected positions on the Executive Committee in accordance with Article VIII of TUFA’s Constitution.  Any contested positions will be decided by election with a mailing date of Monday, April 10th.  Completed nomination forms must be received by the Association (send to [email protected]) on or before the 27th of March.

Nominations are to be made for specific positions on the Executive and we previously required two signatures (nominator and candidate) on the form. During the pandemic, we modified our processes so that an open email chain can substitute for physical signatures as proof of intent.  A Nominator completing their portion of the attached form would email it to the prospective candidate who – if willing to stand – would complete the form and forward it to the Association with open copy to the Nominator. This year we are seeking nominations for President (1-year term), Vice President (1-year term), Treasurer (2-year term), Secretary (2-year term), and one elected Member-at-Large (2-year term). Please note: TUFA’s Constitution calls for the staggering of terms in office and, over time, the ‘stagger’ between President + Vice President and Secretary + Treasurer has been lost. All four positions are coming open this year and so the Executive has directed that the President/VP positions be posted with 1-year terms to restore the intended spacing.

Members interested in standing for election are encouraged to ask members of the Nominating and Elections Committee for additional information. This year’s Committee members are Geoff Navara (Chair), Bruce Cater, Jaime Morales, Marina Morgenshtern, and Ellen Olsen-Lynch.

On behalf of the Nominating and Elections Committee,


Geoff Navara, 

Chair of the Nominating and Elections Committee