Trent’s United Way Appeal

Dear TUFA Members,

Today is Giving Tuesday and together we’re working hard to support our students and campus community. So many things have changed recently, including here at Trent. Over the past year, we’ve welcomed many new faces to the Trent team as faculty and staff. But while much has changed, much has stayed the same, including our ongoing support for the United Way in Peterborough and Durham.

New to Trent? Join us supporting our host communities that give so much to Trent and to our students. 

New to supporting the United Way? Feel good knowing your donation stays in the community, benefiting our neighbours, getting help to people in need. One gift, lots of impact.

Over the more than 50 years that Trent University has supported the United Way, we have become the single biggest workplace contributor to the Peterborough United Way and helped create positive change in the lives of thousands upon thousands in the communities where we also live and work.

Last year alone, Trent’s campaign enabled United Way supported programs to provide assistance to those in need more than 53,000 times! Broken down another way, our support provided:

  • 7,156 youth with workshops, programs, and other activities
  • 2,084 in-home supports for those with mobility issues 
  • 1,162 food cards to individuals and families
  • 185 community education sessions
  • 302 social learning and inclusion programs 
  • 386 financial counselling sessions.

Our goal is to continue building on the extraordinary positive impact we are already having in the broader community – and we can only to this if more of us commit to support the United Way. 

Give today through the United Way @ Work online platform. 

1.      Visit United Way @ Work giving page and click Donate Now 

2.      Select either Peterborough or Durham Campus 

3.      From the drop-down, choose the payment option you prefer 

a.      Payroll Deduction 

b.      Credit Card 

c.      Cheque 

d.      Gift of securities 

4.      Fill out the payment details and contact info and submit the payment 

5.      You will receive an acknowledgment email from United Way immediately 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact [email protected]. Thank you on behalf of United Way Campaign Committee for your ongoing support of the United Way and our community. We look forward to accomplishing this goal with you! 

Leo GroarkePresident &  Vice-Chancellor  Susan Wurtele Faculty Co-Chair Peri Ballantyne  Faculty Co-Chair  Debbie Lietz Staff Co-Chair    
Scott Henderson Dean & Head  Trent University Durham GTA  Mark Skinner Dean, Humanities & Social Sciences   Marcus Harvey TUFA Rep    Kevin Maina Campaign Coordinator  Adele Devlin OPSEU Rep    Alison SchollCampaign Coordinator  

Sent on behalf of the United Way Campaign Committee.

Marcus Harvey

Executive Director