Document and link for June 8th GMM


Further to our General Membership Meeting call for June 8th, the proposed bargaining mandate as recommended to you by the Executive Committee was circulated to members. It reflects the feedback that we received from members in our consultation sessions over the course of the winter semester, broader sector developments, as well as our own review of the existing agreement. For those new to TUFA, the mandate-setting process is an important step in our preparations for bargaining. As will be explained more fully by our Chief Negotiator on the 8th, the mandate (following its approval by the membership) guides the Bargaining Team in its preparations for negotiating with the Employer. The mandate articulates TUFA’s objectives at a high-level and then the Team translates those objectives into workable contract language. It is critical, therefore, that the Bargaining Team (and Executive) understand the needs and aspirations that inform the mandate. To that end, next week’s discussion will be enormously valuable inasmuch as it provides an opportunity for the members to contextualize the mandate. Have we understood the issues correctly? Have we missed anything crucial? Do you foresee unintended consequences arising from any of the objectives?  Member feedback is crucial. Once the mandate has been approved, the members appointed to the Negotiations Council (a broad sample of the whole membership) will serve as the Union’s sounding board for bargaining. 

Chairs and Directors are reminded to send us the name of departmental liaisons to the Negotiations Council if you have not already done so.

The link for Wednesday’s meeting has been sent to members, please contact the TUFA office if you require another.