TUFA Update and upcoming events


We know that everyone has been working enormously hard these past few weeks as we adapt to the latest phase of the pandemic and all its disruptions. Earlier this week, our Joint Committee team met with the Employer to discuss a variety of adjustments underway or currently being planned in consultation with Public Health – there will be more announcements and information coming to you soon. Absent new directives from Public Health or the Province, the administration is committed to returning most classes to face-to-face delivery at the end of the month.  This return to classrooms (beginning January 31st) will necessitate further steps to ensure health and safety in regard to masking, vaccinations, and increased flexibility for those required to isolate. We are also seeking clarification on social distancing requirements and have scheduled another Joint Committee meeting for January 27th.

This affords us some time to update you on two upcoming events of critical importance to TUFA members.

1. Pre-bargaining consultations with the Membership

TUFA’s current collective agreement expires on June 30, 2022, and the Executive Committee has begun planning for the upcoming round of negotiations. To this end, we have scheduled a virtual town hall for Friday January 21st (10:15 am to noon) to provide members with a briefing on the bargaining process, how our terms and conditions of employment stack up against those of our comparator institutions, projected changes to the TUFA bargaining unit, and recent developments across the sector.  This meeting will also set the stage for our targeted consultations (by campus, decanal division, career stage, and major issues) as well as sessions for LTAs and members of equity-seeking groups.

Townhall January 21, 2022

10:15 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Zoom link in the email sent, please contact the TUFA office if you require another

2. Pension Plan information session

On January 1, 2022, TUFA members’ pension converted from The Contributory Pension Plan for TUFA Employees of Trent University (the “TUFA Plan”) to the University Pension Plan Ontario (“UPP”). An interactive education session has been scheduled for January 18, 2022 (3:30 pm to 5:30 pm) to discuss the impact of this change on you and your retirement goals. The first part of the session will provide an overview of UPP’s plan provisions and outlines what is changing from the TUFA Plan; the second part is intended for those planning for retirement. You will be able to ask questions to the presenters during the session. You can also submit your questions in advance to MemberServices@universitypensionplan.ca. A recording will be made available to anyone who cannot attend.

Here is the link to join Tuesday’s webinar:

 Zoom link in the email sent, please contact the TUFA office if you require another

3. LTA Caucus meeting – hold the date

Members on Limited Term Appointments are invited to a meeting of the LTA Caucus scheduled for January 28th (10:00 am to 11:30 am). A reminder of this meeting and Zoom link will be sent to LTA members next week.

In Solidarity,

Moira and Marcus

Moira Howes,


Marcus Harvey,

Executive Director