Executive Committee – Call for Nominations

Dear Members,

The 2020/21 Nominating and Elections Committee is pleased to open nominations for elected positions on the Executive Committee in accordance with Article VIII of TUFA’s Constitution.  Any contested positions will be decided by election with a mailing date of Friday, March 26th. Completed nomination forms must be received by the Association on or before the 12th of March.

Nominations are to be made for specific positions on the Executive and require two signatures (nominator and candidate). In light of the pandemic we have modified the form such that an open email chain will substitute for physical signatures as proof of intent.  A Nominator completing their portion of the attached form would email it to the prospective candidate who – if willing to stand – would complete the form and forward it to the Association with open copy to the Nominator.

The resignation of our President mid-term necessitates an expanded election and so this year we are seeking nominations for regular two-year terms in office for the positions of Secretary, Treasurer, and one Member-at-large. Additionally, we are seeking nominations for a one-year term as President. Given the possibility that our Vice President (currently Acting President) may wish to stand for election as President we will also accept nominations for a one-year term as Vice President, but these shall be mooted if the Vice Presidency is not vacated.

Members interested in standing for election are encouraged to ask members of the Nominating and Elections Committee for additional information. This year’s Committee members are Jocelyn Williams (Chair), Dwayne Collins, Ellen Olsen-Lynch, Nadine Changfoot, Marina Morgenshtern, and Bruce Cater.

On behalf of the Nominating and Elections Committee,


Jocelyn Williams, 

Nominating and Elections Committee Chair