Town Hall this Thursday and other Events

Dear Colleagues,

1. All-member Town Hall – October 8th (10:00 am to 11:00 am).

Reading President Groarke’s October 1st Winter Term announcement, it seems clear that the bulk of Winter courses will be taught by remote delivery. TUFA’s Executive wants to better understand what this will mean for faculty and librarians, especially in terms of your anticipated workload and capacity to prepare for your duties next term. TUFA has worked closely with the Administration over the summer to facilitate adjustments necessitated by the pandemic and — given that the key variables were new and evolving — this was a challenge. Now, however, we are in a position to take a finer look at the impact and effectiveness of the adjustments that have been made and assess their impact on individual members and on the work of the bargaining unit as a whole. This review will guide our advocacy efforts going forward and so it is important that we hear from a broad cross-section of the membership to understand how the pandemic and — our many accommodations to it – have affected your working lives. What is your capacity for further adjustment? How different was this summer in terms of your work/life balance, and have you been able to restore a semblance of balance in the Fall semester? What do you need from the University to perform your core duties? Are there longer-term implications that need to be raised?

Members who are unable to attend the town hall, or who would prefer to send us their feedback in writing, are encouraged to do so.

To participate in Thursday’s conversation please contact the TUFA office for the zoom link if you have not already received it.

2. Update on TUFA Events

After suspending all in-person TUFA work over the Spring and Summer, the Executive Committee was hoping it might be possible to initiate some limited face-to-face interaction with our members. After reviewing public health guidelines and recommendations, it became clear that any compliant event would be impossible to conduct with anything like the sort of joie de vivre that members ought reasonably to expect from a Union that is staffed by good-natured oenophiles with a passion for fellowship and savoury comestibles. Comrades, you have my word that – once this virus has spent its fury — we will make it up to you. And, in style. Meanwhile, we will continue to engage the membership virtually and our Fall GMM will be conducted via Zoom in November.

In Solidarity,


Marcus Harvey

Executive Director