Teaching Assignment Appeals and other updates

Dear Colleagues,
This week’s Town Halls were well attended and extremely productive. Thanks to everyone who participated. We are planning several follow-up Virtual Chats for the coming weeks aimed at LTAs, current and incoming Chairs, and Teaching-intensive appointees. We are also planning a joint session with the Employer to discuss peer-review processes for probationary members, members planning to go forward for promotion, and those serving on COAP or departmental personnel committees. We expect to finalize details about that information session shortly. Other matters of interest are listed below:

1. Extension of Appeal timelines

TUFA signed a Memorandum Of Agreement on Allocation and Appeal of Teaching Duties earlier this week to ensure that the new appeal mechanisms negotiated into the new collective agreement can still be useful to members despite the delays resulting from the pandemic. Please note that the new deadline for requesting that your Chair/Director reconsider your teaching and departmental responsibilities is June 24th. If that request does not resolve the problem, members will have until July 8th to file an appeal with their Dean. The process for members in programs without a Chair/Director is substantively the same except that they would request reconsideration by the Dean in the first instance, and appeal to the Provost in the second.

2. Final copy of 2019-2022 Collective Agreement

Editing and producing the final copy of the new CA has been seriously delayed by the pandemic, but we do anticipate being able to circulate a pdf copy shortly. In the meantime, we have posted a copy of the full-text of the revisions to the CA as circulated prior to our ratification vote. If you have questions or concerns about the applicability of a particular provision of the contract, please contact the TUFA office for clarification.

3. Spring issue of the CAUT Bulletin

The May/June issue of the CAUT Bulletin explores the effects of the pandemic on academic work and research by analyzing the current situation and considering the future of post-secondary education after COVID-19. The Bulletin is available on the CAUT website or can be downloaded in PDF format.