TUFA Update – Internal operations

Dear Colleagues,

Please note: items #2 and #3 have been necessitated by the cancellation of our Spring General Membership.

1. TUFA Contribution – Student Rapid Relief Fund

A Student Rapid Relief Fund has been set up to help Trent students in financial difficulties as a result of the current crisis. The Alumni Association has donated $10,000 to kick start fundraising and TUFA’s Executive Committee approved a matching contribution. We trust that the membership will agree that this is the right time, and the right reason, to be dipping into our reserves.

2. Committee on Community and Social Justice Contributions

According to our Policy on Community and Social Justice Contributions, the composition of the Committee tasked with making recommendations for disbursing these funds should be determined by election at the Spring General Membership meeting. The current crisis was clearly not contemplated at the time we approved that policy and, since we are not rescheduling the Spring GMM, we will use this opportunity to call for candidates willing to serve on our internal Committee on Community and Social Justice Contributions. Please email TUFA is you are interested in serving on this committee in 2020/21.