TUFA’s Executive Committee 2019/20

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that, as a result of the work of our Nominating and Elections Committee, we have finalized TUFA’s Executive Committee for the coming year. We would like to thank departing Executive Committee members Rita Bode, Ingrid Brenner, and Ray Dart for their service to the Association. Thanks also to the Nominating and Elections Committee (Jocelyn Williams, Michele McIntosh, Brenda Smith-Chant, and Tom Whillans). With a single candidate nominated for each open elected office, the nominated members have been declared elected by acclamation (per Article VII.2 of the TUFA Constitution). The Nominating and Elections Committee also made recommendations to the Executive for each of the open appointed positions in the coming year and the 2018/19 Executive formalized those appointments during its last regular meeting of the year. The new Executive took office on May 1st. Your 2019/20 Executive (showing primary departmental affiliation) comprises the following:

President – Dirk Wallschlaeger (TSE)
Vice President – Fergal O’Hagan (PSYC)
Treasurer – Jaime Morales (ADMN)
Secretary – Dwayne Collins (LIBR)
Member-@-Large – Leslie Kerr (BIOL)
Member-@-Large – Byron Stoyles (PHIL)
Member-@-Large – Michele McIntosh (NURS)
Grievance Officer – David Newhouse (INDG)
Chief Negotiator – Susan Wurtele (TSE)
M@L (Durham) – Brenda Smith-Chant (PSYC)
M@L (Equity) – Susan Hillock (SWRK)
M@L (LTAs) – Baris Karaagac (IDST)
Past President – Jocelyn Williams (ANTH)

In Solidarity,
Jocelyn and Marcus