Pension Plan Update

This message is sent on behalf of Steven Pillar, VP Finance & Administration, and is intended for all Trent University Faculty Association members who are actively employed and participants in The Contributory Pension Plan for TUFA Employees of Trent University.

Dear Colleagues,

The Trent University Faculty Association Collective Agreement is set to expire on June 30th and the parties recognize that the Trent faculty pension plan will again be central to this round of negotiations for both the Employer and the Association.

In the last agreement, the parties agreed, as part of their efforts to ensure the sustainability of the plan, to continue their good faith explorations of the amalgamation of the TUFA pension plan with a larger jointly sponsored pension plan (a JSPP). Since that time, three universities, Queens, Guelph University and University of Toronto, have reached agreement with their labour groups to enter into a new JSPP, called the University Pension Plan (UPP). The UPP was created with the intention of other Ontario universities joining, once the plan is in place.

In anticipation of upcoming negotiations and the option of the TUFA plan migrating to the UPP, the University has invited actuarial advisors from Aon Canada to facilitate town hall information sessions for TUFA faculty at the Peterborough campus, with web streaming available to faculty at Durham campus.  These town hall sessions are intended to provide more information around Jointly Sponsored Pension Plans, specifically the UPP, and to provide an opportunity for members to ask questions.

Two town hall sessions will take place:

Wed, May 8th from 10am-12pm in GCS 115 (Webcast streaming to Durham Conference Room 160)
Tues, May 21st from 10am-12pm in GCS 115 (Webcast streaming to Durham Conference Room 160)

All TUFA members are encouraged to attend.  A separate information session for TUFA retirees will be scheduled at a later date.

For more information regarding the University Pension Plan, please visit