Rory Coughlan 1952 -2019

Rory Coughlan
Rory Coughlan

It is with deep regret that we inform the membership of Rory Coughlan’s death from surgical complications on January 5th, 2019. Rory was 66 and had only recently retired as a member of our Psychology Department where he had taught since 2002.

A man of principles, Rory was quick and vigorous in defense of friends, colleagues, a liberal education, the academic profession, a more just society, and a fairer world. In fact, he was quick and vigorous all round. If there was a genteel way of putting something, Rory wouldn’t. His worldview left plenty of room for villains, and these Rory would dutifully excoriate on a moment’s notice. He was iconoclastic, provocative, and funny and we enjoyed his wit and irreverence, even when we were counselling moderation.

Rory had held a number of leadership positions in the Association over the years. As our Grievance Officer, Rory advocated for members struggling in the here-and-now; on the Executive Committee he kept us moving forward; and on our Negotiations Council and Bargaining Team he helped us imagine better futures. Losing a colleague is always hard, but we were not prepared to lose Rory twice in the space of a few months. Our sympathies go out to all who mourn Rory’s loss, but our hearts linger with our friend.

Rory’s obituary can be found, here.

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