Solidarity with United Way


TUFA and its retirees have been remarkably receptive to this year’s United Way (UW) charity appeal and we already have 11 TUFA pledges as UW Leaders ($1,200 – $1,499), 3 as Builders ($1,500 – $2,499), and 6 as Patrons (+$2,500). This is especially important in light of the impending layoff of production workers at General Electric which can be expected to result in a loss of UW revenue and increased demand for the services that UW funds.

Now we are hoping to fill the space behind our leadership pledges with a block of payroll commitments for 2018. If you have given to the United Way in the past, please consider renewing and increasing your pledge for the coming year, and if you’ve not given before, be assured that a pledge of $25 or $50/month to the United Way through payroll deduction is an efficient way to support a vital array of charities and service providers in the community.

Thanks to those who have already made their pledges for the coming year. Members should feel free to contact either of us with any questions about this appeal, the work of the United Way, or if you need a payroll pledge sheet.

In Solidarity,
Sue and Marcus
October 23, 2017