Committees and LTAs

Dear Colleagues,

Please be advised of the following:

1. New Executive Committee

We are pleased to announce that, as a result of the work of our Nominating and Elections Committee, we have finalized TUFA’s Executive Committee for the coming year. We would like to thank departing Executive Committee members Joanna Freeland, Helen Haines, and James Watson for their service to the Association. Thanks also to theNominating and Elections Committee (David Newhouse, Nadine Changfoot, Sally Chivers,and James Watson) for their work. With a single candidate nominated for each open elected office, the nominated members have been declared elected by acclamation (per Article VII.2 of the TUFA Constitution). The Nominating and Elections Committee also made recommendations to the Executive for each of the open appointed positions in the coming year and the 2016/17 Executive formalized those appointments yesterday during its last regular meeting of the year. The new Executive takes office on May 1st. Your 2017/18 Executive (showing primary departmental affiliation) comprises the following:

  • President – Jocelyn Williams (ANTH)
  • Vice President – Dirk Wallschlaeger (TSE)
  • Treasurer – Jaime Morales (ADMN)
  • Secretary – Ray Dart (ADMN)
  • Member-@-Large – Ingrid Brenner (NURS)
  • Member-@-Large – Paul Elliott (EDUC)
  • Member-@-Large – Byron Stoyles (PHIL)
  • Grievance Officer – David Newhouse (INDG)
  • Chief Negotiator – Susan Wurtele (TSE)
  • M@L (Durham) – Fergal O’Hagan (PSYC)
  • M@L (Equity) – Susan Hillock (SWRK)
  • M@L (LTAs) – Dwayne Collins (LIBR)
  • Past President – Geoff Navara (PSYC)

2. Call for Advisory Subcommittee – recording in the classroom

Following discussion at the General Membership Meeting on April 11th, the Executive Committee is calling for volunteers to serve on a subcommittee to advise the Executive on issues relating to recording in the classroom. Interested members should contact the TUFA office. It is expected that the subcommittee’s work will be completed by June.

3. LTAs, Severance Pay, and access to services

Many LTA contracts expire at the end of the month. Those LTAs who do not secure continuing employment at Trent (in any capacity), but who have been employed at the University for a total of 60 or more months (not necessarily consecutive) may have a right to severance pay and should contact the TUFA office for additional information. All LTAs are reminded of their continuing membership status in the union for a period following the termination of employment by the Employer. See TUFA Constitution Article IV, Section 5:

. . . Members with limited term appointments shall continue as members of the Association for one year from the start date of their most recent employment contract with the University, or six months from the expiration of a multi-year appointment, or upon the expiration of any seniority rights that may have accrued, whichever comes last.

Current LTA members’ access to Trent’s library and email services should continue through September 30th, 2017. Please advise the TUFA office if you experience any interruption in these services.