Queering the Academy Trent 2018

TUFA’s Equity committee, in collaboration with staff, community partners, and student groups is organizing a campus-wide “Queering the Academy” campaign that will take place in October on both the Symons and Durham campuses.
Some of the events planned for the Peterborough campus on October 30th include a Queering The Academy Celebration and Opening, a Coming Out and Ally Door, Information and Awareness Tables, and a classic Queer Movie in Partnership with the Trent Film Society. In Durham, events will run from October 18th to 30th and will include a Queering The Academy Celebration and Opening, Rainbow Archway Installation, Queer Slide Show, Information and Awareness Tables, and screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
We will also be holding a Queering the Academy contest with prizes for participation. More details will soon follow.
TUFA members are encouraged to share information about this campaign with your colleagues, students, and staff. We also ask each of you to “Queer” your departments, offices, dress, lectures, research, teaching methods, scholarship, and so on. Please see the linked document for suggestions on how to Suggestions on How To Queer The Academy and our recommended readings list.
As part of this campaign, TUFA wants to highlight queer research, books, articles, and scholarship from Trent Faculty and graduate students. We are aware of the important work people are doing in this area of inquiry. Please let us know about your work in this area by providing to us a list of relevant projects and publications so that we can highlight your work. These should be emailed to Susan Hillock by October 20th for inclusion in the campaign.
Members interested in volunteering to assist with Queering the Academy events and activities should contact
the TUFA office for additional information.