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LabourStart online campaign

Maxim Balashov is a professor of mathematics who has worked at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) for nineteen years. He also serves as chair of the trade union at his university, UNISOL, which has successfully fought for increased salaries and reduced workloads while ensuring that the university complies with the Russian state … Read More

OCUFA Analysis – What the 2018 election results mean for Ontario’s professors and academic librarians

On June 7, the Ontario voters elected a Progressive Conservative majority government led by Doug Ford. This election outcome has a number of important implications for professors and academic librarians in the province and will pose several challenges and opportunities for the university sector over the next four years. During the election, OCUFA analyzed the … Read More

OCUFA Report card: Provincial party platforms

A lot is at stake for postsecondary education in this election. There are some important differences in how the major parties plan to address issues that matter for Ontario university faculty. Evaluating statements made in party platforms and OCUFA’s questionnaire on postsecondary issues, we have produced a report card that grades each parties commitments to … Read More